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Here are current completed projects:

Repainting of the living room 7-4-2001
New entrance to computer room 7-5-2001
Replacement of the electrical panel 7-6-2001
Replacement of the garage door opener 7-27-2001
Hot water pipe insulation 10-9-2001
Demo of the entertainment center wall 11-4-2001
Computer room entry ceiling rebuild 1-6-2002
Computer room ceiling demolition 3-3-2002
Computer room painting 3-4-2002
Computer room ceiling installation 3-8-2002
Theater room ceiling demolition 3-16-2002
Theater room ceiling installation 3-24-2002
Entertainment center construction 5-13-2002
Repainting of the nursery 11-10-2002
Workbench & new electrical panel for garage 12-7-2002
Rewiring of the garage furnace 1-4-2003
Nursery set up and ready to go 1-10-2003
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